Discover Ethiopia

Destination Information

The cradle of humanity, the source of the Blue Nile - Ethiopia is an incredible destination that you should try to visit at least once in a lifetime. Located on the Horn of Africa, Ethiopia is the 10th largest country in Africa and has a rich history as vast and mysterious as the land itself. A proud country, Ethiopia was the only African Nation not colonised during the rush for Africa and retains much of its culture and history.


Seeing all of Ethiopia in one visit will be impossible but set out with a specific goal and you will not be disappointed. For those of you with a love for the outdoors, Ethiopia boggles the mind. There is so much to see in this incredible country. Set your sights first on Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia and then work your way along the several established routes to get the most out of your visit.

Reasons to visit

Historians have an eye watering list of sites to visit. Home to a staggering nine World Heritage Sites, it is regarded as the religious cradle of the world and where our early ancestors first learned to walk on two legs. One must lay eyes on such sites as the ancient capital of Aksum or the city of Gondor. Should you get the chance to explore the countryside there is the Rift Valley and the Simien and Bale Mountains.  Carry your camera on the off chance you might spot the rare Ethiopian Wolf but don’t stop there, other animals of worth include the gelada baboon and Prince Ruspoli’s turaco.


Those wishing to immerse themselves in food and culture will be spoilt for choice, with over 80 different ethnic groups, Ethiopians are a warm people, always ready to invite you over for a coffee ceremony to talk about the days events. Ethiopia’s world famous for coffee (called Buna locally) and the coffee ceremonies held for just about every occasion is really something to see -  just make sure you don’t leave before it’s over!