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Perched on the horn of Africa and slowly emerging on the tourism scene, Eritrea was once an Italian colony from 1890 to 1947 and thanks to the fascinating architectural development at the time is now classified under UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.


Eritreans are an incredibly warm people, welcoming and hospitable, their nature shows in how they share food. Communal in nature, huge platters of Injera (a sort of sourdough flatbread with a spongy texture) are served while everyone gathers around, breaking off pieces of injera and scooping up stew. Eritreans love a stew as in apparent in most of their dishes being cooked down with delicious spices and herbs. After feasting, everyone partakes in a coffee ceremony, delicious sweetened coffee with a touch of ginger and large bowls of popcorn to munch on while you discuss the days activities

Reasons to visit

Depending on your actual altitude, the temperatures can vary but it is agreed that the Highlands hold the ideal temperature year around at a pleasant 16 degrees Celsius.


Those interested in seeing first hand a piece of history will appreciate Eritrea as much more than just a past Italian colony. A breathtaking country in its own right with a rich ancient history that dates back to 800BC . It is home to Adulis, an ancient archaeological site which has existed since the Roman epoch. Massawa a port bordering the Red Sea that was once a central trading point for several nations including the Portuguese, Italians ,Turkish and Arabs -and whose influence can still be seen in the ancient architecture. And further out in the Red Sea is the Dahlak Archipelago - home to 126 islands with pristine beaches and where snorkeling and scuba diving is available.