Discover Turkey

Destination Information

In terms of geographical location, Turkey (also known as the Republic of Turkey) has a unique location. It is one of few countries that lie across two continents: Western Asia and South-eastern Europe. Because of this, Turkey provides the perfect mixture of Eastern and Western culture, making it a much-loved travel destination for any kind of holiday.

Reasons to visit

From Antalya and Alanya to Izmir and Bodrum, Turkey has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. If that isn't enough of a reason to pay the country a visit, then perhaps its historic castles, colourful bazaars and delicious cuisine will change your mind.


Turkey is home to many markets and bazaars, including one of the world's largest and oldest, the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. Under a roof of psychedelic lanterns that shimmer when hit by light, millions of tourists visit the bazaar each year to pick up unique handmade souvenirs, fresh spices and other edible goodies.