Discover Dubai

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Located on the southeast coast of the Persian Gulf, this Cosmopolitan city is the largest in the United Arab Emirates, boasting some of the world's tallest buildings, incredible 5 star resorts and impeccable hospitality. You'll be spoilt for choice when searching for something to do. Sights, warm weather, entertainment, food or culture, Dubai has it all.


Visit the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building (2,722 feet!) for a breathtaking view of the city or indulge in a first class shopping experience at the world famous Dubai Mall. Need something to keep the children entertained or your inner child? Then spend a thrilling day at at IMG Worlds of Adventure, the world's largest theme park.

Reasons to visit

Discover the Al Fahidi Historic District and immerse yourself in the rich historical culture exploring the museums, cultural exhibits and craft shops that offers a glimpse of the town once settled by Persian merchants in the 1900s. For you die hard historians, visit the Sheikh Mohammed Center for Cultural Understanding on the edge of this historic district.


Foodies will delight with cuisine influenced by Eastern, Indian, Lebanese and Middle Eastern tastes with spices of turmeric, thyme, saffron and cardamom.


If you are seeking wonderfully hot weather to warm you to your bones, Dubai is the place to visit with temperatures reaching a perfect 26 degrees celsius during the winter months. Go on a evening desert safari and experience the breathtaking sights of the Arabian desert or sand surfing through the dunes. If this sounds a little too warm, instead visit the Jumeirah Beach and splash around in crystal clear waters. Either way, you’ll probably work on your tan!